Immediate Cash-Positive Results

Fraud Detection PreventionFraud Genius pays you to use the service... at least that's what it feels like. Sign up for Fraud Genius, and get 50 free trial transactions to test the quality and usefulness of the Fraud Genius online fraud detection scoring system with your credit card merchant account. You'll quickly see how the Fraud Genius 'fraud score' allows you to mitigate the impact of transactions that would have cost your company money, but instead, were highlighted as possible online payment fraud... allowing you to address them before merchandise or services left your door.

After the trial, the cost is a minimal $0.03 cents (USD) per transaction*. That's less than the cost that a typical credit card merchant account processor will ask in order to perform a simple address verification for you. And Fraud Genius is so much more than an address verification. It compares your transaction details against dozens of fraudulent behaviors and hundreds of typical patterns used by fraudsters. Once our online fraud detection system is in use, it will score thousands of transactions before even costing you the fees, refunds, and processing on a single chargeback. The fraud score WILL reduce your chance of chargeback, loss, and headache. Try Fraud Genius free to see what it can do for your bottom line.

*minimum of $5 USD per month for active accounts.