How Much Fraud Costs

Merchants pay for fraud, not customers and not credit card processing companies. Chargeback fees combined with refunds and lost merchandise impact your bottom line.

Identity Theft Resulting in Fraud happens, real statistics...

Identity Theft affects more people every day. When it comes to the cost of online fraud, Fraud Genius is relatively minimal cost for protection against fraudulent eCommerce transactions that result from identity theft. By helping to ensure that your customers are really who they say they are; Fraud Genius prevents you from becoming the 'follow-on' victim to identity theft. Fraud Genius's fraud score will bring clarity into the true nature of the transactions of your online merchant account, and help prevent the cost of identity theft from including you.

54 billion USD. The amount incurred in loss from identity theft in recent years by Americans alone.
11.1 million. The number of adults in the U.S. who were victims of identity fraud in recent years, an increase from prior years
$5,000. The average fraud amount per victim - perpetrated against merchants like you.
400%. Victims who found out about their identity theft more than six months after it happened incurred costs four times higher than the average
3 seconds. How often an identity is stolen.

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