Introducing Fraud Detection for WooCommerce
by Fraud Genius

Protect your WordPress WooCommerce Store Against Fraudulent Orders

fraud_genius_woocomm_boxFraud Genius directly supports the popular WooCommerce eCommerce platform with a plug-in module designed to integrate with your store administration panel. Quickly gain new insight into orders placed on your WooCommerce store with a fraud score and order intelligence information.

Features include:
  • Detect the fraud risk of every order on your eCommerce website with a highly accurate scoring system - Low scores are low risks, higher scores are a higher risk of fraud.
  • Fraud Score Details - One click to see factors that went into how an an order was scored.
  • Full Credit Card Bin Information - Issuing bank, country, type of card such as prepaid or debit, etc.
  • Score Thresholds - Automatically take action on orders, such as setting them for review over a certain score.
  • All the features and custom preferences of your Fraud Genius account.
  • Quick 1-minute install.
  • Flat fee of only 3 US cents per transaction scored ($0.03)* ... no contracts, stop or start using the service any time.
    *$5 USD minimum per month for active accounts

Using Fraud Genius on your WooCommerce store is easy...

First, sign-up to create your Fraud Genius account on our website. You'll receive an account confirmation email with your Fraud Genius Merchant ID and Key.
Then log into your Fraud Genius account using the 'Customer Login' link on the top of our website. On the main Account Management panel, scroll down to the 'Plug-ins' section and download the WooCommerce plug-in. Follow the install instructions, they're simple and you'll be up and running in just a couple minutes.

You're now detecting fraudulent orders on your store!

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