What is a Fraud Score?

Evaluate. Score. Respond.

Fraud Score by Fraud GeniusFraud Genius works with your eCommerce website to derive the trustworthiness of online payments. Using the Fraud Genius system is simple... with integration accomplished quickly with your website. Once integrated, your transactions will pass through the Fraud Genius evaluation system in real time during the eCommerce order process, returning a fraud score for each on a scale from 0 (unlikely fraud) to 100 (highly likely fraud). The fraud score, derived by comparing your transactions to thousands of typical fraud patterns, is delivered within a second to your website order page. This allows your website to automate responses to transactions deemed risky without impacting the customer ordering experience.

The Freedom of the Fraud Genius Score

The Fraud Genius score will enable you to decide whether to review, block, or continue with the order. Don't mind shipping that $8 t-shirt to fraud scores up to 30? Okay. Do you want to review an order before shipping a $900 electronic item to scores over 15? Good idea. Want to confirm a customer is real before continuing with that monthly subscription with a score of 85, which may end up being multiple chargebacks? That just saved you a lot of money. The Fraud Genius score will enable you to decide how to handle your risk when it comes to online payments - sending fraudsters away to scam somewhere else.

The Fraud Genius Integration Guide

The Fraud Genius API (Application Programming Interface) integration documentation shows how simple it is to start using a Fraud Score on your website today and take advantage of the benefits of an accurate fraud analysis. Most merchants are communicating with the Fraud Genius systems and learning the risks of payments on their websites within an hour. Try Fraud Genius today for free.