Drastically Reduce eCommerce Payment Fraud

If you're a merchant with an online presence, you've seen what fraud can do to your bottom line. Your bank statement shows the chargeback fees, the refunds, and the merchandise or service cost is lost as well. It's a triple impact, and it all makes for a bad day when you look at the numbers. In addition, if your online fraud is extensive, your credit card merchant account reputation is impacted, preventing access to the lowest credit card processing rate tiers. Fortunately, there is something that you can do to reduce online fraud significantly!

Avoid the exasperation, there is something that can be done to fight back against the fraudsters. Fraud Genius, the best of the online fraud detection systems, can reduce fraud up to 90%... a drastic reduction. The cost is negative to use Fraud Genius, as the money saved will more than pay for Fraud Genius's fraud detection system - saving 5 to 10 fold over typical chargeback costs. Your credit card merchant account reputation will also become more trustworthy, allowing your company to request lower credit card processing rates... and get them. Trying Fraud Genius is free, integrating is simple, and the benefits are immediately felt from the first Fraud Genius assured transaction.