Seamless Simple Integration

Fraud Genius Anti-Fraud IntegrationFraud Genius is simple and safe to use. Designed for your needs, our secure order evaluation application programming interface (API) does not record customer personal data that may impact your company's credit card processing PCIDSS compliance. Using our plug-in API sample code, a secure request is made to our fraud detection systems for a transaction fraud score. The score is returned to your website code within a second to be used during customer order execution. This allows implementation on your eCommerce website in minutes without red tape or extensive integration efforts - no extra pages, no complicated parsing... Just gaining new insight into your order's trustworthiness before sending it to your online merchant account for processing.

Signing up to use Fraud Genius is also simple - with no hoops to jump through. You can start using our fraud risk analysis services immediately without commitments or contracts - you'll receive 50 free transactions just by signing up! After that, Fraud Genius is a low per transaction cost based upon the transaction volume of your eCommerce website. Cost is $0.03 per transaction* for the most accurate fraud detection system currently available. You'll find that Fraud Genius will more than pay for itself with money saved from chargebacks, refunds and lost merchandise or services.

The Fraud Genius Integration Guide

You can review the Fraud Genius API (Application Programming Interface) integration documentation here. We've made integration as simple as we could to reduce engineering effort to a minimum to use Fraud Genius. Most online merchants are communicating with the Fraud Genius systems and learning the risks of payments on their websites within an hour - stopping fraud where it starts and before sending possible bad transactions to your online merchant account for processing. Try the Free Trial... And start ridding your company of online fraud today.

*minimum of $5 USD per month.