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Is Fraud Genius a credit card Address Verification Service (AVS)?

No. A standard AVS is usually performed directly by your merchant processor as part of the credit card transaction. Although performing AVS is a best-practice for most credit card transactions, it does not prevent fraudulent use of a credit card where the personal information has also been compromised. Fraud Genius does use credit card addressing information to develop a fraud score, but will not store this data. Please see your merchant processor for more information about AVS.

How much does it cost to use Fraud Genius?

There is a flat fee of $0.03 (three cents) per transaction that is scored using the Fraud Score API or eCommerce fraud detection plug-in (such as Magento). The Fraud Genius MobileVerify SMS verification service is $0.20 (twenty cents) per SMS verification code sent. There is a minimum $5.00 per month for active accounts.

How do I pay for Fraud Genius?

Fraud Genius provides several different billing/payment methods under the Billing area of the customer account management on our website. You can configure your preferred payment method after account creation.

How do I set up an account and how long does it take to use Fraud Genius services?

Need to sign-up for a Fraud Genius account? Click here. Your Fraud Genius account is setup within 24 hours and a account creation confirmation email will be sent. You can begin using Fraud Genius services once your account creation confirmation is received with your merchant ID and key. If you wish, you can immediately start entering orders manually on our website customer login area using the Virtual Terminal feature. You are also provided with sample code to integrate Fraud Genius services with your website store for automatic score generation. Typically, most webmasters can integrate the sample code quickly as it does not change the customer order process (an exception may be an additional "code confirmation" page for MobileVerify services).

Does Fraud Genius work for international orders?

Yes. Fraud Genius's fraud detection and verification services are tuned to work for eCommerce with sales in any region of the globe. Further, there is per region/country engine performance preferences available for your account in the customer login area of our website.

Does Fraud Genius keep credit card number and addressing information?

No. All addressing information is discarded immediately upon score generation. Also, a full credit card number is not sent to Fraud Genius to use its services. Just the credit card bin (first 6 digits) are sent and used for score generation. The credit card bank/issuer is retained for post order score review.

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