Introducing Fraud Detection for Magento
by Fraud Genius

Protect your Magento eCommerce Store Against Fraudulent Orders

fraud_genius_magento_boxFraud Genius directly supports the popular Magento eCommerce platform with a plug-in extension designed to integrate with your store administration panel. Quickly gain new insight into orders placed on your Magento store with a fraud score and order intelligence information.

Features include:
  • Detect the fraud risk of every order on your ecommerce website with a highly accurate scoring system - Low scores are low risks, higher scores are a higher risk of fraud.
  • Fraud Score Details - One click to see factors that went into how an an order was scored
  • Full Credit Card Bin Information - Issuing bank, country, type of card such as prepaid or debit, etc.
  • Score Thresholds - Automatically take action on orders, such as setting them for review over a certain score
  • All the features and custom preferences of your Fraud Genius account
  • Quick 5-minute install and free support

Fraud Detection for Magento by Fraud Genius is purchased and supported through Mico Solutions, a premier Magento Community developer. To find more information about the extension, please click below.


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