MobileVerify Fraud Prevention by Fraud Genius

Send Order Verification Codes by Text Message

fraud_genius_magento_boxMobileVerify by Fraud Genius enables merchants to verify orders with by sending a confirmation code using SMS (text message) to a customer mobile number during order creation. This further confirms that the order comes from a real customer without manual review on the merchant's end.

Through our streamlined eCommerce website integration, the MobileVerify service can be used based on order cost, order location, or use it for every order... your choice.

How MobileVerify Works

When a customer places an order on your website, just provide a field asking for their mobile number to verify the order. When the customer submits the order, your store sends this mobile to Fraud Genius MobileVerify. MobileVerify then sends a random confirmation code using SMS (text message) to the customer provided number. The customer then enters this code into a confirmation page on your store - giving the order another check against it being fraudulent. MobileVerify requires no further processing on the merchant's end. Mobile verification also goes far beyond basic email order verification, since an email address is quick to get by a malicious user.

MobileVerify works for both North American and major international cellular carriers, giving your store further protection against international order fraud.

How Much is MobileVerify and How to Use it?

MobileVerify is available through your regular Fraud Genius account. Just use the Fraud Genius MobileVerify API to send us the customer mobile number and we'll take care of the rest. Cost to use MobileVerify is $0.20 per SMS verification. Sign up for a Fraud Genius account and reduce fraud and chargebacks on your eCommerce store today.